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New Zealand Team Training

Team Development

  • Dealing with change?
  • Have some tensions on the team?
  • Do you have people on the team who are internal customers for others on the team?
  • Could your team be more productive and co-operative?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, your team would benefit from one of our team training workshops. These team-training workshops are most effective if there are at least two levels of accountability participating, such as a manager and their team.

We recommend using the DiSC® profiling system in our team training workshops.

'In my opinion, it moved us from being a group of individuals back to being a team.' - Linda Glogau, Manager, NZQA

'I've noticed a big difference in the teams working better together. Team members are making an effort to communicate more effectively to each other's styles. The concepts are very practical and easy to apply in the workplace so we've capitalised on the learnings from the workshops and have continued using them to develop people to work better together.' - Michelle Dalley, Customer Services Manager, Asteron

'Excellent pace, practical lessons that are easily applied in the real world' - Susan Howan, Dep GM, District Courts, Ministry of Justice

The typical topics we cover in these team training and development workshops are:

  • personal responsibility
  • understanding the dynamics of this team
  • dealing with change
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • different communication styles
  • problem solving skills
  • individual strengths and behavioural styles (DiSC® profile system)
  • making requests
  • team action plan

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