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'Having never worked with a coach before I was uncertain about what I would get. Now after only a few months, I am amazed at the difference, not only in myself but in my workplace. My mind has opened up to understand and appreciate others points of view and thought processes. Im relating with people differently and Im speaking out in a way that feels natural and is so much more effective. People around me are changing, in a good way, as a result. My whole team has lifted their productivity and were getting positive, unsolicited feedback about our business unit. Leannes coaching style plus a personal commitment to learning and growing was instrumental in achieving such positive results. I highly recommend working with her as a coach.' D.F., Chief Information Officer

'From my coaching with Leanne, I feel so much more free and confident inside, and dont doubt myself like I used to. Although I learned a lot of invaluable management strategies (leading teams, dealing with people, being strategic, etc.), the thing Im most proud of is, that I have a much stronger sense of who I am through all this. I put a lot into it and I got a lot out of it. I highly recommend working with a coach.' T.K., Application Delivery Manager

'Leanne challenged my views, helped me realise the impact my behaviour had on others, in all circumstances, and did so in a non-confrontational and truly respectful way. That in itself, for a very task driven manager, is revelational. I used to go home at night and wonder why my team was not engaged! After working with Leanne, the engagement levels of my team are amongst the highest, and more importantly, me and my team and I are happier and more effective at work.' - Manager

'My challenge with work was balancing the demands of a family and a very challenging role. I can tell you that both my boss, peers, employees and family will join me in thanking Leanne.' Manager

'When I initially began work with Leanne I was somewhat sceptical and unsure. However, I sensed her wisdom and knowledge and trusted that if I went through and committed to this process great things would happen. Thank goodness I followed my instinct. I truly have a different view of myself and the world.' - Manager

'I had begun working with Leanne as my coach to assist me in stepping into a new challenge in my career. Life had became much more challenging than expected. With the skilled coaching, Leanne kept reflecting back to me the areas that were hard to look at and that I needed to deal with. They were reflected back to me in such a way that I began to see what Id been blind to. I realised what was really important. It reinforced my own integrity, strengthened me inside so I could make healthy choices, and powerfully deal with situations. It was a mind blowing experience that I would highly recommend.'- Bernie DeLord, Previously Director of Development and Policy, Mental Health Foundation

'Through Leanne's coaching, I have increased my confidence and my skill set in working with groups and with individuals. It has increased my self-awareness and helped me to identify my strengths and areas I need to work on. It's not only made a difference in the workplace but also for me personally.' L.G., Manager

'Leanne's coaching is nothing short of amazing. Not only can I sort many varied ideas into a coherent structure, but, I have the confidence to present it to any audience. I would never have thought this possible and we achieved it in just a few short sessions. My attitude towards work and life has changed for the better, and all I signed up for was presentation coaching!' R.K., Database Adviser

'The coaching experience with Leanne has been very fulfilling, insightful, and enjoyable. It has helped me get a much more clear idea about what I want, and has helped me to feel my own value as a human being. Im inspired by so many brilliant ideas of what I could do next, that I feel that anything is possible.' C.L. - Policy

'After learning more about business coaching and speaking with others, I realised how customised my process was. Leanne listened to my concerns, feedback, and goals, and each session would plug back into that vision. Leanne truly made me accountable and responsible for this vision and provided support as I realised what I wanted.' - Business Owner

'The coaching was fantastic. It was a turning point for me not just in my career but as a person. I became much more aware of myself and developed my leadership and management abilities in all the ways I wanted to. I'm now more confidently demonstrating strong leadership with my managers, my colleagues and my direct reports. I highly recommend it.' C.M., Operation Services Manager

'In working with Leanne, I have made a huge improvement in the way I interact with my staff, my manager and my peers. The coaching has provided me with practical tools and strategies to use in a variety of scenarios, all of which I have used. It's given me more confidence around my communication ability when faced with confronting situations. Now I know I can handle them powerfully and leave everyone with a good experience.' M.D. - Customer Services Manager

'Words describing the coaching with Leanne are too few. You have to experience it to know and feel the benefits. I have gained valuable skills which I now use in all areas of my life. I continue to learn a lot about me and who I am and what I stand for. A truly enlightening experience. Thank you.' D.W. - Programme Manager

'I have found Leanne's approach to be relevant and focused on the goals I want to achieve. At times the coaching has been challenging but I value Leanne's explanations for the assignments. The coaching consistently provides me with new ways to view and approach challenges. I have enjoyed Leanne's style of coaching and have had significant benefits in both the professional and personal areas of my life.' G.W., Director

'Leanne's coaching first provided some insights as to my personal and working style, some clarity around balancing all aspects of my life and then created a series of systems that I could put into place to maintain that balance. I continue to find the coaching invaluable. I am more confident, achieve results more easily and feel a greater sense of satisfaction in all aspects of my life.' J.S., Director


Just a quick email to retrospectively say that I found the presentation course really motivating and inspiring. It has had to date had more benefits than a Covey Seven Habits Course I did several years ago!. I really did find the course useful and value for money.' N.C.

'Since the workshop 8 months ago, myself and others are still using the skills and continuing to go from strength to strength in our presentations.' P.H., Regional Manager

'This workshop exceeded my expectations. The Thought / Action line gave me an insight which is very useful.' I.C. Manager

'This was a fabulous course and I have learned so much from It'- J. G., Solicitor

'Really enjoyed (it). Far more useful than I expected. Enlightening and a good mixture of humor and serious issues.' - D. T.

'This was one of the few workshops that I've attended where I've actually been engaged throughout. I was actually interested in what was coming next' - K. M.

'Excellent programme. Liked the focus on personal responsibility and delving into psychology of things rather than just being given a process.' - M.D. Manager Customer Service

'Much better than I was expecting, was a great refresher on things I 'thought' I knew. Look forward to putting them into practice.'- M. P.

'Exceeded expectations' G.S., Finance Manager

'I have since had the opportunity to practice and found that I easily accessed the new skills, felt more confident than ever in front of a group and didn't have the usual butterflies.' - E.S., Trainer

'Greatly impressed with skill & style. Very inspiring!' J.A., Franchisee

'Content well covered and relevant to current work situation. Good practical examples and felt comfortable doing exercises. Thank you.' D.S, Team Leader

'I would recommend this course and consider others' C.B., Manager

'Extremely valuable' - M.G., Manager


'The two hour session that you spent with my BDM team was exactly what the team needed. Apart from being re-energized myself and being reminded of lessons previously learnt, but promptly forgotten, I have seen a huge improvement in my team's thinking and attitude. I would be keen to arrange more sessions in the future.' L.B., National Sales Director

'Got much more out of it than was expecting from a 1 hr session' - K.H.

'Fantastic Session, thoroughly enjoyed it' - A.S.

'Fantastic' - R. B.

'Excellent Presenter, great content with useful tips' - S.B.

'Very engaging. Good Presentation Style' - G.S.

'Very enthusiastic presenter' P.B, HR Consultant

'Great speaker, good discussion' A.C.

'Inspiring presentation'- N. L.

'Great Presentation'- B.E., Manager

'Very helpful - lots to think about' - K.S.

'I found the whole session very enjoyable. Very energising, informative and easy to understand and follow.' - J.O.

'Inspiring' - D.B.

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